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2012-03-26T13:08: Birthdays

I never remember the exact days ... Elton is the 25th and @extrapremium is somewhere right around here.  Happy birthday to both. I have no idea what to get either.

Good news is while looking up the more public of the two, I discovered he has an album ready to go this fall, to be called The Diving Board.

Mildred's is Sunday, and luckily she's easy to buy for. The whole family wins when she gets birthday goodies. At least the feline contingent.

I spent more of Saturday than planned getting DD-WRT on my main gateway. I've been curious just how much bandwidth we actually use, what with the Roku being so popular, so now I can track it. It's nowhere near as nice as Tomato, which I still run on the old WAP (as a reverse access point for @dragonjaze's desk upstairs), but I haven't looked into it much.

Spent a little time recently getting myself a Dropbox account, concluding Sunday with trying to get it set up on FreeBSD. That's a no-go: the official daemon isn't ported, the only available port requires registration as a developer, and the terms of service for doing that don't actually allow much of anything. Apparently the Linux client works if you have Linux ABI support, including all the libraries, which I don't want to do. So I now have 2.25 GB I can magically share between my phone and laptop, and no particular purpose for doing so.

I'm actually having a good day at work — finally got past whatever was blocking me on getting a particular report working — so it's time I got back to it.

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