Richard H. Derr III

This is the old-fashioned home page of Richard H. Derr III. There isn't much here.

Not much unless you count a little personal blog, of course, but that doesn't get updated these days.

There was the wedding site, of ephemeral interest in 2016.


Email what's at the top of the screen at Gmail. e.g. if you see "John D. Rockefeller III", email If you're smarter than a spambot, you'll figure it out. (If you know my Twitter/ handle, that is another valid handle at GMail.)


I was a Red Hat Certified Engineer on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. The certification expired after the release of RHEL 7. I probably won't renew this for RHEL 7, since I don't actually work as an OS-level system administrator, but we'll see what happens when we start to encounter it at work.

I am an IBM Certified System Administrator for WebSphere Application Server, Network Dispatcher, v7.0. I also worked with Enterprise Service Bus v7.0, MQ v7.0, and a little bit with Service Registry and Repository v7.0, as well as with previous versions of WAS and MQ.